Narcissistic Employers Can Derail Your Career

People only bring up your past when they are threatened by your present. 

When I moved back to my hometown it was something I had wanted from the moment I moved away. I couldn't wait to move back and get a job teaching in my hometown. 

Prior to the interview I noticed that the human resources person was somebody that had worked in human resources at one of my first jobs in a processing plant. I thought it would be a good thing that she knew me from there, because I had proven myself to be a competent reliable worker. 

While I was employed there I worked my way up from being a general labourer to being a time keeper and first aid attendant. I wanted more for myself, so I went back to school.

While I was employed there I also became heavily involved in the union. She may have taken things personally. 

Take note that since I worked at that processing plant, I went back to school where: I upgraded, I got an associate degree, I got a bachelors degree, I got a teaching certificate, and I was just 2 courses shy of completing my masters degree. 

When this human resources person greeted me, she opened with the following.

Hello, you certainly have come a looooong way.

Her voice dripping with contempt.

Why did she feel the need to bring up my past in this way? 

When I quit working at that processing plant and went back to school, I was 27 years old. 

When I walked in for this job interview, I was 46 years old. 

Why would she go alllll the way back to my past when it was almost 20 years later?

She felt threatened. 


What else could it be?

I got an email telling me that they would not be proceeding with my application. 

For reasons only this human resources person knows because she won't tell me, I have been stopped from proceeding in the career I have spent years working towards. 

I don't know what I can do about that. 

I really don't.

This is part of my pain. 

This has added to my trauma. 

Please let me know if you have had to deal with a narcissistic or sociopathic employer and what the outcome was. If you think there is something I can do about this, please let me know your ideas.

~ Poking Holes


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