Hoovering Again

They're hoovering again....

If they really loved me they would leave me alone.

They think they can make things go back to the way they were before.

They can't.

Things can never go back to the way they were before.

I know too much.

The veil has been lifted and it cannot be replaced.

It is my eldest sister again.

This time she sent me a follow request to my personal twitter account.

I had just tweeted on my poking holes account about how I am contemplating going no contact with the offspring of my siblings to avoid being triggered.

Then, a couple of minutes later, the follow request popped up.

Coincidence? I hope so.

If not, they have found poking holes.

I hope not.

This is my place to speak my truth free from their influence.

My place.

If they have found it, I guess there will no longer be any reason to hide.

The only way I will ever speak to any of them again is if they are no longer in contact with her.


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