We Remember

It's the oddest thing. KNOWING something happened, yet not having a complete visual memory. It's coming back to me. Bit by bit.

I have a partial memory. It's the beginning of something happening. The part just before my brain says something is not right, and survival mode takes over.

I'm going to make sure people know that kids eventually remember. They think we won't, but we do.

They used to think we didn't feel pain when we were little. Now, they think we don't remember anything up to a certain age.

It's the trauma they inflicted that causes our brains to fragment the memory so we can grow up thinking we had normal humans bringing us up.

Today, the smell of ham fried in bacon grease made me remember a little bit more. It's the senses that bring it all back. 

I'm going to dig out my bin of old pictures today. I'm hoping to jog my memory for the time periods I can't remember from my childhood. Mostly from ages five to ten. 

In my heart of hearts to the bottom of my very soul, I know what you did.

I just can't remember it all right now. Soon....


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