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Why am I med-free? Why do I share my lowest moments?

It is important to not compare our journey with other survivors. We are all on our own unique journey. Some of us were scapegoats, some of us were golden children, some of us were lost children, some of us played all of these roles at some point in our lives, dependent on our narcissistic mother's whims. What you went through was not your fault. 

I share my low moments so I can process what I'm going through, and to help those that are feeling the same way to feel like they aren't the only one. 

I take my mental health VERY seriously. 

Thanks for watching. 

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional nor am I an academic expert on npd or cptsd. I am here to share my story both past and present as I continue on a journey of recovery from cptsd.


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