CPTSD: Today Was Not A Good Day

I am a mess.

I keep trying to look for something that

is going to help me to feel "normal" again.

I am in a fog.

I am 2 steps forward, 2 steps back.

I have been emotionally injured.

I have an emotional injury.

My inner critic is very mean.

My inner critic makes me cry,

and believe that I am pathetic,

and beyond repair.

I can't accept that though.

I don't accept that.

The part of me that doesn't accept that

is the real me, the authentic me.

The part that kept her self hidden from danger.

She's still in there,

but she isn't sure

it's safe to come out yet.

~ Poking Holes ~


  1. Oh, my, I feel for you!
    Some days are just hard. Tell the REAL you that she will know when it is safe to come out. In the meantime, hang in there...a good day is coming! :)
    And, if the REAL you is feeling strong, she needs to give that inner critic a good, swift kick in the butt.

  2. Thank you. It was a hard one. I get like that less frequently now, and for much shorter periods. It's like a perpetual emotional flashback and I can't wait for the feeling to end.


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