Blog Under not really

Remember the good old days when your website was "under construction" while you were editing it. Now, you can edit away while your readers continue reading like nothing was happening.

I wanted to inform you all that I just finished importing blog posts from my original blog to this one. It is a blog I started when I first discovered that my mom has narcissistic personality disorder, right after we moved out of her house. I abandoned it when I thought my flying monkey narcissistic sisters were on to me. It goes back to July 2015.

Instead of just deleting it, I have decided to import those posts into this blog, and if you are interested you can read back to see for yourself how it all began.

I'm going now to delete all of the accounts associated with that blog.

I have deleted anything that identified the other blog name, including comments, etc.

See you soon. :)

~ Poking Holes ~


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