Symptoms of CPTSD

I had a lot of fun making this video. I hope you learn something new and enjoy. :)

Symptoms of CPTSD (click the link for a downloadable word document of the video Transcript)

Symptoms of CPTSD:

  1. Emotional Flashbacks (typically do not have a visual component): These involve negative feelings such as Anger, Shame, Humiliation, Abandonment, and Being Small & Powerless (like an abused child would feel).

  2. Sense of Threat: Hypervigilance, Strong Startle Reaction

  3. Avoidance: of Thoughts, Feelings, People, Places and Activities.

  4. Emotion Regulation: Anger, Hurt Feelings.

  5. Negative Self Concept: Feelings of Worthlessness & Guilt.

  6. Interpersonal Problems: Difficulty feeling close to another person, and Feeling disconnected or cut off from other people.

Resources:  Out of the Storm

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