Narcissism: I think my so called step mother in law is a narc too!!

I just spent a couple of days with my father in law and his girlfriend of a few years, along with my husband and our young son.
She manipulated and controlled everything. I feel emotionally drained and beaten down. It was such a horrible time. I ended up with a migraine the first night after going on a short walk with her and our dogs. I'm not even kidding. Full on massive migraine.
She emailed me to plan our time together, then changed everything last minute to suit her, and was nothing but rude and self centered the whole time.
I'm still realizing now some of the shots she threw at me. I mean, I usually try to get along and get through it all, but I've had it.
In parting, I told her "Well ******, it was interesting, as usual". My husband overheard and laughed. Poor thing. He tries so hard so he can have a relationship with his dad. She was all "whaaaat??". I just repeated myself and walked away.
I deleted her off Facebook.  I'm done.
Does she sound a bit narcissistic to anyone?

~ Poking Holes ~



  1. Yep. Sounds like a N to me. :/

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