Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother in Recovery From CPTSD


Symptoms of CPTSD *New & Improved*

This new video, which I uploaded to my Youtube channel on November 20th, 2017, is a remake of a video I uploaded back in April 2016.

I created the original video for my youtube channel with the same content, which I sourced from the Out of the Storm website.  I highly recommend this website to anybody suffering from CPTSD.

Here is the original video I created.

When I first started creating content I was using my old windows laptop, my brand new Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 and Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition, and windows movie maker. I didn’t know that I could stop the camera from focussing in and out back then. Sorry about that.

I’m still using the same Logitech C920 Webcam and Blue Yeti Microphone, but I have since upgraded my laptop to a Apple 13″ MacBook Pro, and I usually use iMovie to create my videos now. Sometimes I dabble in using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and in fact some of my videos have been edited using it, but that was only until I realized how much more user-friendly iMovie is for somebody like me. I also occasionally use my smart phone to vlog, which I think is obvious when I do it. Enough of the techie stuff, but I though some of you might be interested in knowing this info. πŸ˜‰

This was only the 2nd video I created for my channel. I had just learned about CPTSD and was eager to help spread the word.

I was sure there had to be others out there just like me who were just waking up to this, and that needed to know this information so they could begin their healing journey as well.

It has been my most popular video upload to my Youtube channel to date, but I’ve also had a few complaints.

One viewer said,

I don’t see any kids in the audience, so maybe next time you could write something intelligible instead of switching colors and drawing faces?

Another viewer exclaimed,

Agggghhhhhh. The marker sounds…. my ears!!!!! πŸ˜–

And, yet another,

i do not enjoy the fact that you draw small faces near the symptoms. it looks like you are making fun of me. really, like you aren’t taking this seriously. it’s offensive.

I tried not to take it too personally.

After all, I get it.

It is kind of horrible.

As another viewer said, and I have to agree.

good information…bad execution.

Overall though, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with the following being just a drop in the bucket.

This is officially my best ever encountered explanation of CPTSD!

Thank you for explaining so clearly what I have had my entire life.

One of the best videos, thank you so much

Thank you. So much! I am trapped in my body. Nobody understands. This helps me, a lot.

I’d been thinking of remaking that video for a while now, and may even make another version.

It might even make this viewer happy. πŸ˜‰

I put on a video to read, said no one ever


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~Poking Holes

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